Offers... meet Needs!

So many of us have ‘hidden skills’ that we don’t necessarily shout about and can get easily overlooked in a typical work environment. And on the other hand, a lot of us aren’t so great at asking questions or seeking help, even if we know we should! 

Well, enter our next   activity: Offers and Needs! And it’s a great way to get people at your organisation communicating and collaborating more effectively and easily.

Get your guests to write down things they’re good at. Then, on another slip of paper, they can write down a task they need help completing, or a problem they need to solve. Have the Offers taped up on a bulletin board, and on another board assemble the Needs of the group. 

Let everyone go on break to have a coffee while they discuss their Offers and Needs with each other and watch the sparks of interdepartmental cooperation fly!

If you’re organising an event, talk to CTRL because your message deserves to be memorable!