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From creating branded content for social media to product videos and photo shoots, producing complete television series, creating product launches to live event round-up footage, media production encompasses many disciplines, with a wide range of requirements for each. We’re known for doing things that little bit differently and delighting our clients with next-level creative results

Let us help you make your project a reality – and a success!

When it comes to truly engaging content...
Is there anything more risky than playing it safe?

Why Choose CTRL

There are many media companies out there, so why choose CTRL? We’re experienced, ready and focussed on giving you a great production you’ll be happy with!

Fair prices

Yes video can be expensive, but since more than 80% of traffic online is video, there’s clearly no better way to get your message across. What we will do is listen carefully, understand your needs and ensure we exceed your goals with a fantastic return on your investment.

Eye for details

We love to tell stories and create work that is just that bit different to the norm. And while every production is another opportunity to push ourselves to another level of quality – at the centre of this will all ways be you. We will learn more about you and your story than you would expect to ensure that all of this is always authentic to you.

Great support

Live productions require a huge amount of experience and planning, and we’ll be with you all the way from the planning stages to the end credits, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Video projects, big or small, capture attention and maximise engagement

Tell me more about media production

From short-but-sweet Reels or TikTok videos and drone footage to complete television series and conference live streaming, we have extensive experience in media projects of all sizes.

We’ve been involved in medical and educational videos for corporate partners, branded how-to and ‘explainer’ videos, plus plenty of shorter content for social media to product launch videos and photo shoots, giving us the experience to handle any project, big or small.

CTRL Media can give you:

  • Complete media production consultancy
  • Advice for building a creative brief to maximise engagement
  • Support and guidance on generating the best possible content
  • Advice on getting the most out of your production
  • Best practice assistance in technical and other matters
  • Briefing afterwards to make the next production even better
  • Post-production editing for repurposing on social media

Video is the #1 way to reach your target audience

"For many years, CTRL has been an essential communications partner for us. With some of the best B2C video and social marketing content our industry has seen. Plus B2B media and promotions helping us increase sales. Another area that is really exciting is their ability to think outside the box, connecting and negotiating with new partners which has really helped push our brand forward!"​


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – send us a message below, or have a look at the most commonly asked questions we get about our media production services. 

Smallest: multiple TikTok videos and Instagram Reels (over the course of a week)

Largest: live World Championship model car racing from Spain to over 20,000 fans around the world, featuring live competition coverage with multiple moving and static cameras, multiple commentators, intro & outro video, daily produced content, live interviews, plus social media including video, posts, photos and more

We have broadcast events from Brazil to Australia and USA to Croatia – we definitely have you covered! All of our equipment is portable and suited for remote work, with every member of the team well-versed in international travel.

Even modest smartphones allow us to share photos and videos with friends and family members, however in most instances a professional environment will require good equipment and technical know-how. A single person using their phone will not be able to properly deal with changing lighting conditions, capture high quality sound and react to a changing situation ‘on the fly’. 

Definitely! We are full service media and marketing company, versed in everything required to get as many viewers as possible to watch. We can provide event planning and promotions, social media posts during the event itself, and post-production of footage for highly produced content highlights – whatever you need. 

Because there is such a wide array of possible event coverage, it’s simply not feasible to tell anyone how much to budget for their project without discussing their needs. Please get in touch here or send us an email at and we’ll be happy to find out everything we need to make your production the best it can possibly be!

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If you want to start a new project, we invite you to get in touch with us.