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Business professionals are now very familiar with working remotely and conducting meetings online, and many large conferences have returned to face-to-face meetings. However, with fuel and flight costs rising, in-person attendance is again under question.

The solution: ‘hybrid’ conferences and meetings, with those who can – attending in-person, and the rest taking part online. We’ll help make your conference more accessible, more authentic and more fun!

Hybrid: built with inclusion in mind for a fulfilling experience participating in the room or at home.

Why Choose CTRL

There are many media companies out there, so why choose CTRL? We’re experienced, ready and focused on giving you an amazing ROI. But most of all a production that will delight!

Fair prices

Combining live and online speakers or audiences doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, keeping costs reasonable is one of our specialties. We work with every customer to find the right level of production to fit their needs – and their budget.

Eye for details

A myriad of tiny details make a virtual or hybrid conference fantastic – and we know exactly what to look for… and when. From lighting keynote speakers to providing moving cameras, to making sure guests from home can interact comfortably. 

Great support

Live or virtual productions require a huge amount of experience and planning, and we’ll be with you all the way from the planning stages to the final send-off, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Bringing people together

More about virtual & hybrid conferences

The virtual conference came of age during lockdown and although in-person meetings are reemerging now, the pandemic taught us to use technology to help us work smarter. 

Virtual and ‘hybrid’ conferences remain a real option for companies of all sizes looking to be more accessible, cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Virtual conferences allow more people to attend, letting you maximise your audience, and can also facilitate more interaction and diversity.

CTRL Media can give you:

  • Complete virtual and hybrid conferencing consultancy
  • Advice for building a creative brief, to maximise engagement
  • Support and guidance on generating the best possible content
  • Additional media to get the most out of your conference
  • Development of plans to invigorate and engage your audience
  • Post event evaluation and analysis 
  • Post-event editing to maximise the value of your event

More accessible, cost effective & environmentally friendly

"Our quarterly virtual and yearly physical conferences are a vital platform for sharing the latest updates, procedures and information with our team, global partners, customers and other delegates. CTRL Media has worked with us to maintain the high standard we require, bringing face to face and online together for results that consistently impress us and exceed our expectations."


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – send us a message below, or have a look at the most commonly asked questions we get about our virtual and hybrid conferencing services. 

Smallest: We frequently produce internal quarterly update conferences with a handful of staff presenting in the studio to up to 100 staff watching and interacting from home. 

Largest: Live Land Rover vehicle launch with the great and good from the world of automotive press watching the unveiling presentation and taking part in an interactive Q&A. Read more about this event here!

All of our events are built with inclusion in mind. People who can benefit from your message but can’t be in the room should have just as fulfilling an experience remotely. Likewise, speakers and contributors from other locations should be able to add value with just as much impact as if they were right here at the lectern. 

And it doesn’t have to be just one-way. We’re talking full interactivity for discussions and Q&As where the communication is natural and a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Adding to that, voting, polls, quizzes, and instant feedback all packaged in a really easy interface participants can access from their phone, tablet or computer. Results are instant and can be displayed on the screen in real time. 

Today’s devices make it very easy to discuss projects face-to-face however in most instances a professional environment will require a separate team with good equipment and technical know-how to ensure things go really smoothly.

One situation that can be challenging is managing sound and showing presentations when combining physical attendees with those online. It’s possible without a professional team but if you’d like things to just flow without awkward pauses and jarring interactions – then you should call CTRL.

Also, if you need multiple cameras to follow the action, want to capture high quality sound, make use of redundant broadcasting signals so every second of action is covered, plus have the ability to switch cameras, catch interviews and anything else you’d associate with live broadcasting, you’ll find that having a professional and experienced team is invaluable.

Definitely! We are full 360 media agency, versed in everything required to get as many viewers as possible to watch. We can provide event planning and promotions, social media posts during the event itself, and post-production of footage for highly produced content highlights.

Because there is such a wide array of virtual and hybrid event possibilities, it’s hard to say how much to budget you will require. One thing is for sure, a virtual event could cost as little as a third of the expense of a large traditional conference. Please get in touch here or send us an email at and and we’ll be happy to discuss everything you need to make your broadcast the best it can possibly be!

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