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Explode out of the typical boring trade event, build awareness and dramatically increase your reach with a 🔴LIVE broadcast hosted on your organisation’s stand!

A live production will help you stand out, engage with attendees and get valuable insights from your top customers, suppliers, buyers and more – as well as build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Create excitement and buzz with an on-site TV studio that will make your brand, products or services stand out!

Reach beyond the trade show with an engaging and informative 🔴LIVE broadcast direct from your stand.

Why Trade Show TV?

Trade show presence is always a big investment, with organisations going all out to showcase their brand, products and services to the attendees. So why not maximise your return and bring people in their home or office to your stand, via an integrated Live TV studio? A 🔴LIVE production will not only exponentially increase your reach, it will also bring the excitement of a live activation to the heart of your trade show stand.

A live studio built around your brand

We have many years of experience in live broadcasting, from a wide range of locations and environments around the world. We pride ourselves on delivering fully bespoke, innovative live experiences with our client’s brand at the heart of each activation. If you’re feeling ambitious, we’re singing from the same hymn book!

Tailored to your message

We do more than set the stage – we work hand-in-hand with you all the way from the initial concepts and planning stages, all the way to post-production, to ensure we deliver exactly the right message, in a thrilling but also authentic way. We’ll also work with you to craft the perfect show with the right presenters, guests and content.

Targeted at your customers

Whether world domination is your thing, or you want something altogether more exclusive, when it comes to viewers we will work with you to ensure the right message hits home. You need the proper platform and the correct level of interaction to deliver your content, and you can trust CTRL to bring you directly to your most valuable audience.

Trade shows are a big investment, so why not increase your exposure by inviting the outside world via an integrated LIVE TV studio?

Elevate your event by broadcasting live from anywhere

More about
live broadcasting

🔴LIVE broadcasts bring a whole new feel to a trade event stand! nNot only do they allow you to directly interact with fellow event attendees and invited guests, they can also be used to highlight and discuss your services, products, people and so much more.

Broadcasts can be as short as a few minutes, which make ideal bite-sized pieces of content for your social media channels, websites and more. They are an ideal marketing tool if you are looking to increase brand awareness and engage with your target audience.

CTRL Media can give you:

  • A completely bespoke broadcast environment for your brand
  • Technical and creative support, or full project management
  • Assistance with finding the right presenters and guests
  • Guidance on getting the most out of your broadcasts
  • Social media plans to maximise reach and engagement
  • Ideas and activities to invigorate and engage your attendees
  • Post-event media to maximise value

Not only will you exponentially increase your reach - but also bring the excitement of a LIVE activation to the heart of your stand.

Create excitement and real buzz with LIVE event broadcasts

CTRL developed 4 days of live programming for the Autosport International Show, the UK’s premiere motorsport exhibition, which dovetailed with their own live stage talks. With multiple display cars and eager crowds in the background, our Live Lounge featured guests from across the automotive and motorsports industries interviewed live on-air. The video segments were then edited for social media use as well as embedding on websites.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – send us a message below, or have a look at the most commonly asked questions we get about our live broadcasting services. 

Smallest: A closed-captioned in-car camera footage to a handful of billionaires and royals. Read more about this event here!

Largest: At the Speedmachine music, food and motorsports festival at Silverstone racing circuit, we organised an RC model car ‘fan zone’ featuring a huge jump cage, off-road truck track, (real) display cars, racing simulator and live broadcasting booth for a crowd of over 20,000 people. Read more about this event here!

We have broadcast events from The Philippines to Australia and USA to Croatia – we definitely have you covered! All of our equipment is portable and suited for remote work, with every member of the team well-versed in international travel. Plus Carnets and all that fun paperwork stuff taken care of

In terms of how small can a studio be, we can work with as little as 2m x 3m for a three camera show in a booth for up to two guests. A small Live Lounge would be 4.5m x 3.5m for a sofa, multiple guests and some products. Beyond this, the sky’s the limit! We’ve installed bars, a DJ booth, and even multiple automobiles, so the possibilities are endless and is only limited by space, budget and your imagination. (We’re here to help with ideas too ;-))

Definitely! We are full 360 media agency, versed in everything required to get as many viewers as possible to watch. We can provide event planning and promotions, social media posts during the event itself, and post-production of footage for highly produced content highlights.

Because there is such a wide range of activation and event possibilities, it’s hard to say how much to budget you will require. A low budget event will require more hands-on work, while an expanded budget will allow you to have a more polished final product. Please get in touch here or send us an email at hello@ctrl360.media and and we’ll be happy to discuss everything you need to make your broadcast the best it can possibly be!

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