Conquer the dreaded Q&A Abyss!

We know how it is… you’ve presented your heart out. The audience has laughed and cried at all the right moments and you’re absolutely sure you had them eating out of the palm of your hand from your walk on, right through to your final mic drop… but then you ask… “are there any questions?”

And… silence! Zip, nothing, not a word! Did you answer everything? Are they stunned into some kind of trance??  Welcome to the Q&A abyss, my friends!  

Well, here’s an idea for you: instead of having the Q&A at the END of a presentation, why not do it at the beginning? Have attendees write down three questions they want answered BEFORE the talk starts. Then, while you’re presenting, the questions can be ticked off one by one. 

Were all the questions covered? If not, save a few to address at the end and maybe even get the ball rolling for some real live feedback and interaction.

If you’re organising an event, talk to CTRL because your message deserves to be memorable!