Pechakucha: Catch 'em all!

Long, rambling presentations suck, right?

Well, have you heard about PechaKucha? Created in 2003 by architects in Tokyo, it’s a quick and concise presentation format that’s an ideal way to get your presentations flowing! Translating as “the sound of conversation” or simply, “chit-chat”, the PechaKucha format puts a speaker in front of an audience with 20 slides, each showing for 20 seconds before automatically advancing to the next. That gives a speaker 440 seconds, or 6 minutes and 20 seconds, to creatively share information in a short, manageable format. 

You might think it would make for a manic, rushed presentation, but you’d be surprised, its actually quite calming!

With each speaker taking such a short amount of time you can easily package short, sharp talks that hit the spot – this is perfect for fast departmental updates or getting information from members of staff you don’t normally have on-stage. This could also be a fun group activity, with each group choosing their topic, images and script! 

If you’re organising an event, talk to CTRL and let’s make memories!