Introducing... the SPECTROGRAM!

When’s the last time you were able to get your team to work all together, while learning about each other at the same time? This activity is perfect for small- to medium-size groups, and we call it: The SPECTROGRAM!

This activity doesn’t take much planning, but it does get attendees to move around and interact with their fellow conference-goers – perfect for minds that are starting to wander! To get the activity going, you just need to ask a general question, like “How much do you love chocolate ice cream?” and have everyone stand in order of their love for chocolate ice cream – devout chocoholics at one end, and diehard choco-haters at the other! Other questions could be “Line up in order of where you live in the country, from South to North!” or “How important is working from home for you?”

As people stand in order, they’ll be chatting and engaging with their fellow guests to see who’s high on the chocoholic scale, or who lives just a bit further south! This is a great, informal way to encourage more communication among your attendees! 

If you’re organising an event, talk to CTRL and let’s make memories!