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Looking to add truly memorable excitement and energy to your lifestyle, automotive or motorsport event? Radio Control (RC) model cars offer an exciting and unique way to engage with attendees and provide more value to your visitors!

A radio control model car display is also a great way to engage with everyone – especially younger attendees who may not yet have a driver’s license or be able to drive a real car. It’s a fun and safe way for them to experience the thrill of driving and racing, and can help to foster an interest in automotive pursuits from a young age.

Add extra value to your event with a thrilling, fun and engaging model car display.

Why Add RC to Your Event?

RC model cars are part of a fun, fully inclusive hobby and elevate the experience of any event – and with decades of experience in the RC industry, we can take your event to the next level.

Model cars are fun!

There’s a very good reason why model cars attract so much attention from people young and old: they are genuinely fun to watch and drive. The RC model car hobby is truly for all ages and accessible to anyone who can hold the controller.

An engaging display

Whether you choose an action stunt display – where visitors watch expert drivers perform drift displays or high-flying jumps – or a larger, interactive activation with visitors taking turns to control and drive the cars themselves, this is a fantastic way to keep interest levels at maximum all day!

Adds great value

Action and interactive displays are a great way to keep visitors to your event interested and feeling they are getting a great value out from their ticket. It’s also the perfect photo and video opportunity to help visitors spread the word about your event!

Elevate your event with an interactive RC model display

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RC activations

Not only do RC (radio- or remote-controlled) models offer an exciting visual experience, they also provide an interactive experience for attendees. With the ability to control the cars and trucks using a remote, anyone can experience the thrill of racing and maneuvering the vehicles themselves.

An RC model display can be built and assembled just about anywhere, inside or out. We’ve built tracks from nothing but a bare plot of land, and we’ve also worked with some of the most elite RC racing tracks and clubs in the world – whatever you can dream, we can make it happen.

CTRL Media can give you:

  • Excellent reasons to add an RC activation to your event planning
  • A complete creative brief to maximise engagement
  • Customised live broadcasting and other media
  • Support and guidance on getting the most out of your activation
  • Social media plans to maximise attendance
  • Highly produced media to get the most out of your event
  • Ideas and plans to invigorate and engage your attendees
  • Post-event media editing to maximise your event value

For fun, competition, brand awareness and more

IMG contacted CTRL with the aim of creating an interactive and fun space for families and young people to experience RC model cars and trucks at the inaugural SpeedMachine 'Motorsports & Music festival' at Silverstone motor racing circuit. The space featured a large drift track plus an off-road driving area and proved so successful, we were invited back the following year!


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – send us a message below, or have a look at the most commonly asked questions we get about our virtual and hybrid conferencing services. 

Smallest: We have managed activations for groups as small as a couple dozen participants, with individual hands-on training and guidance. 

Largest: At the Speedmachine music, food and motorsports festival at Silverstone racing circuit, we organised an RC ‘fan zone’ featuring a huge jump cage, off-road truck track, (real) display cars, racing simulator and live broadcasting booth for a crowd of over 20,000 people. Read more about this event here!

The possibilities are endless and will depend on the space available. All of our events are built with inclusion and maximum FUN in mind, whether you want to have a passive, audience-based space or an area where the general public are encouraged to take part themselves. 

Audience activities would be something like having a display team of drivers performing stunts and tricks such as big-air jumps, drifting cars side ways or cheering on pro athletes as they kick up dirt.

Participation activities could involve encouraging members of the public to take the wheel for themselves and experience driving a car or truck under their own control – these always prove very popular!

Yes! If you are looking to launch a new race series or a single race event, we are intimately familiar with the unique demands of the RC industry, including racers and their teams, event organisers, suppliers such as track builders, announcers and timing officials, plus location owners.

Definitely! We are full 360 media agency, versed in everything required to get as many viewers as possible to watch. We can provide event planning and promotions, social media posts during the event itself, and post-production of footage for highly produced content highlights.

Because there is such a wide range of activation and event possibilities, it’s hard to say how much to budget you will require. A low budget event will require more hands-on work, while an expanded budget will allow you to have a more polished final product. Please get in touch here or send us an email at hello@ctrl360.media and and we’ll be happy to discuss everything you need to make your broadcast the best it can possibly be!

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